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Brandspace Design

Build Bigger


We breathe life into contents – in real and virtual spaces.

Visual branding
for a spatial brand experience 

How can a brand’s story be told in a space? How does the target group interact with the space? What communicative zones does the space allow for? Which of these are meant to be informative? Which provide orientation? Which create interaction?

At the interface between architecture and communication we develop a unique brand experience in the space and do so with a tried and tested network of partners from architecture, media design, and trade fair stand construction.


  1. Development of 3D concepts based on CI/CD guidelines
  2. Communication, interaction, information, signage and orientation in the space
  3. Linking of real and virtual spaces
  1. Conception and implementation of graphic, tactile, and multi-media elements
  2. Optimization of the interface between graphic design, media design, architecture, trades