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Siemens IFA trade fair stand

For the Siemens trade fair stand at the IFA in Berlin hauser lacour teamed up with Franken Architekten to conceive the branding, product communication, architecture and design of interactive exhibits. This included orchestrating a focal topic illustrating the new development of a fully automated coffee machine.

Project Assets

Interactive special show

The development of the fully automatic coffee machine EQ7 was illustrated on a multimedia platform. It was not a pure product staging, but the in-depth communication of expertise relating to the topic of coffee: roasting and processing the beans, growing regions, historical facts, optimizing brewing and the degree of grinding, etc. With the help of a glass table featuring numerous levels and interactive surfaces, hauser lacour brought the topic closer to open-minded visitors.

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Bundled visual strength

The first step involved developing a visual strategy that transfers Siemens’ CI from print applications into the three-dimensional space. A huge number of products and communication elements needed to be integrated into a manageable user orientation image. Moreover, Siemens’ overall presentation was to feature a world of experience revolving around the topic of coffee and impressively conveying the brand values design, technology and innovation.

Sensational brand experience 

Taking into consideration the essential elements of the Siemens CI, hauser lacour created a graphic language that provides the diversity of Siemens products on the 3,000 sq. m. trade fair stand with a calm basis. It depicts a black-and-white stage on which the various electronic devices are uniformly presented and which guarantees a clear visualization of the brand identity. The reserved design provides orientation even for the highly complex exhibits, such as the interactive glass table.

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