case study

Branding a university

The University of Applied Sciences Münster refines their brand identity. hauser lacour helped the client implement their strategic goals by developing a consistent corporate design. The design process was grounded on the university’s aspiration to optimize their communication with different target groups and to become more agile in their visual language.

Project Assets

Brand Architecture

Consistent Plurality

Before the rebranding, more than 50 institutes and courses distinguished themselves with logos and graphic elements. hauser lacour developed a visual system based on “3-Letter-Codes” to unify the university’s brand architecture.


Corporate Design

Flexible and dynamic

To create a consistent yet diverse basis, a system of twelve dynamic patterns was introduced. Together with a vivid new colour scheme, they define a framework in which different tonalities can be accentuated – ranging from classic institutional to active and vibrant.


Digital Experience

Content Hub

With its comprehensive brand relaunch, the University of Applied Sciences Münster directs a strong focus onto their website. As one of the main tools to transport the brand's identity, the home page aims to establish itself as a central content hub, connecting dynamic content and media. With “digital native” applicants forming the main target group, the responsive framework is optimized especially for mobile use.


On the homepage, FH Münster shows its new face: Dynamic info-boxes form a flexible “quilt” which gives the users a multifaceted insight on the university’s relevant topics and keeps them updated with imported dates and events.



FH Stories

The website also introduces a new key feature: Lively “FH Stories“ open up a wide array of insights into campus life, bringing the university’s brand values to life.



Up-Close and authentic

Together with photography students from FH Münster’s Design Faculty, hauser lacour developed a distinct phtotographic style with an emphasis on teaching and authentic interaction between students and teachers.


Editorial Design

Multifaceted Communication

Both the magazine “fhocus” and the publication “QM Kompakt” were redesigned by hauser lacour in time for the relaunch. While “fhocus” delivers diverse content from all the faculties, “QM Kompakt” explains the university’s quality management system by introducing a unique pictorial language.