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Wer liefert was?


Finding suppliers

Many consumers know “Wer liefert was” (Who supplies what?) as the standard work in the search for B2B suppliers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Founded in 1932, the company faced the challenge of revamping its corporate design and redesigning its website. hauser lacour accompanied this process.

For commercial purchasers who have a choice of more than 500,000 providers of services and products in their data base, “Wer liefert was” is what Google and the Yellow Pages are for the man on the street. The last printed edition of the reference work appeared in 2000. The brief entailed developing a contemporary image for the brand, to transfer its core from print to the Internet and design it for all media.

A brand that delivers answers

In order to position “Wer liefert was” as a state-of-the art partner of advertisers and users, hauser lacour removed the question mark from the previous brand name and added the website domain. “Wer liefert was?” became “Wer liefert was.de”, “Wer liefert was.at”, or “Wer liefert was.ch”. This places less emphasis on the character of the search engine – what is describes is an online platform that provides answers.

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From logo to layout concept

hauser lacour developed the website from the shape of the logo. The label is systematically expanded and forms the layout concept for the design. Carefully coordinated with the logotype and figurative mark, this system makes a flexible response to different formats and media possible. At the same time it has great significance and is easily recognizable. The corporate font used is the cutting-edge sans serif Guardian Sans with a business-like, technical style, which in terms of appearance supports the brand message.

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Differentiation from competitors 

With forceful, independent imagery “Wer liefert was” succeeds in setting itself apart from its biggest competitors Google and Yellow Pages. Its images display the world of the target group – modern business partners, advertisers, and users – as well as that of the service providers, manufacturers, and retailers, thus conveying professionalism and authenticity. As additional graphic information, striking icons provide help with orientation on the theme portals.

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Wer liefert was?