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Sourisseaux Partners

Corporate Psychologists


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Who’s in charge? What’s the strategy?

Sourisseaux/Partners is a consulting company specializing in the theory and practice of business psychology. Headquartered in Darmstadt, the company’s focus and passion lies in documenting, elucidating, predicting and developing the interplay of people and organizational structures within the context of business issues.

Project Assets


New brand

In the years since it was founded, Sourisseaux/Partners has grown to become a globally active company with offices in the most important markets of its various clients. The development of the brand from “Sourisseaux, Lüdemann & Partner” to “Sourisseaux/Partners” is in keeping with this commitment. We were responsible for creating the new name and corporate design.

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Corporate Design

Lively interplay instead
of a static logo

Change puts things in motion. When systems collide, it often produces unexpected results. This is a central thrust of “Sourisseaux/Partners” – understanding the respective economic and cultural specifics as well as the special strategic challenges facing leaders, companies, markets. We give this approach a visual representation – not only in conventional media – with a high level of sophistication.

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Quality Goods

Delicate handwork

Nearly all of the business documents of Sourisseaux/Partners are made by hand at a local artisan workshop in Darmstadt that prides itself in perfect craftsmanship and uses only the best materials. The final product makes a lasting visual and tactile impression, creating an experience of quality far superior to conventional stationery.

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Digital Experience

Targeted communication

The redesign effort included completely revamping the company’s website. Responsive web design ensures a high-quality online experience on devises of all kinds. The website is designed as a clearly structured single page, and introduces the company efficiently and straightforwardly.


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