SEEPEX: Experts for moving whatever needs to be moved

SEEPEX is among the world’s leaders in the field of conveying technology. Headquartered in Bottrop, the company takes a holistic approach to specific application processes, offering the best solution for whatever task its clients may require.

hauser lacour has transformed the most outstanding characteristic of SEEPEX – the fact that it is always growing and improving to better serve its customers – into a new corporate design that exudes strength and self-confidence while clearly communicating the company’s stance in media of all kinds. The new visual identity sets SEEPEX apart from the other players in the market and strengthens the company’s claim to leadership on the global stage.

Project Assets

Interactive Design

Leading in Technology
Leading in Design

SEEPEX’ preeminent position as a technological innovator and solution provider is reflected in the phrase “leading in technology and knowledge,” which serves as a leitmotif on the redesigned SEEPEX website.

hauser lacour developed a responsive design concept that focuses on functionality and usability, with content structured in an attractive and user-friendly way. The website makes a friendly and open impression thanks to large-scale pictures of completed projects, video sequences and impactful statements that demonstrate the company’s expertise. Content is arranged in fields of interest, making it easy for visitors to navigate directly to the information they desire. Each page includes an option to contact the person responsible for the respective topic. Important information can be placed in a virtual shopping cart and printed out as a PDF. This feature is also convenient for SEEPEX employees, as custom-fit details can be assembled for each customer visit and printed out as needed. Lower costs for production and storage of marketing and sales materials are another benefit of this user-friendly feature.

Case Studies

Customized Solutions

Comprehensive case studies provide insight into the way SEEPEX works and its cooperative relationships with its customers. The case studies show success stories and specially developed SEEPEX solutions that optimize processes and create added value. Examples from various different industries demonstrate the manifold impact of SEEPEX and the breadth of expertise of the company’s employees.



Corporate Design Elements

The new, characteristic typeface reflects the self-confidence and international approach of SEEPEX. The stylized progressive cavity pump in the wordmark represents the high technological standards of SEEPEX, and the impression is strengthened through the use of the dot after the company’s name. The impactful tagline “all things flow” summarizes everything the company does and believes in.

The placement of the logo and tagline on image brochures and the welcome page of the website strengthens the communicative idea and helps SEEPEX tell its story. 



Image Concept – Global Solutions

hauser lacour developed a new imagery style for SEEPEX that provides a visual identity for the holistic process the company employs, from developing and manufacturing high-quality pumps to creating individualized, tailor-made solutions for customer needs.  

The focus is on a holistic view of the respective, customer-specific solution being shown. Products are displayed in a premium manner, without ornamentation or gimmicks. The perfection of the illustrative style underscores the new SEEPEX leitmotif “leading in technology and knowledge.” 

The natural portraits of the company’s managers and employees reveal SEEPEX to be a company that is personable and approachable while at the same expressing the company’s passion for finding custom-made solutions for customers’ every need.


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