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Case Study 

Architecture for brands

Over the last 25 years Schmidhuber has morphed from an architecture firm into experts for corporate architecture and indoor brand management with worldwide operations. The outside world had not become fully aware of this change. As such, hauser lacour designed a communications strategy which visualizes the Munich company’s realignment in a new corporate design.

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Focusing the brand message

With a team of over 70 architects, designers and communication experts Schmidhuber + Partner designs strong concepts and experience-oriented brand appearances. Trade fair stands, for example, for Audi, Sony, Grohe and Berker are just as much part and parcel of this as the design of the German Pavilion for Expo 2010 in Shanghai. However, as the company is nonetheless for the most part perceived purely as an architecture firm, a new communication concept and a new corporate design is intended to convey the entire range of its services.

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Concentrating partners
and fields of business 

In the course of the branding process hauser lacour made Schmidhuber itself the brand and the name the logo. Schmidhuber + Partner became Schmidhuber. Supplemented by a key visual, which at a glance summarizes the Munich firm’s staff and fields of business. hauser lacour set the terms Schmidhuber, Partner, Brands and Architecture beneath one another in the form of a stamp. White lettering on gray bars. Distinctive and unmistakable to the outside world – the transformation was complete.

The key visual is used for all print communication means, whereas on the Internet it serves as navigation, upgraded to a narrative element. By mouse over users find information under Schmidhuber about “Who we are”, under Partner about the “Way we work”, under Brands about "Who we work for”, and under Architecture about “What we do”.


Cutting-edge online communication

 As part of the re-design the outdated website was completely revamped. State-of-the-art programming languages now guarantee presentation on all manner of devices, thus meeting users’ raised expectations. A cutting-edge, self-explanatory CMS makes it easy for online staff to ensure that communication is up-to-date and varied.


In line with the key visual the website is divided into four main sections, which clearly summarize Schmidhuber’s range of services. The archive features all the important projects of the last few years. By means of project-related tags, users can filter by client, sector, or focus. 

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