Project Assets


Strategic realignment

The Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK) (Museum of Modern Art) is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, which it exhibits in its own premises , as well as the former Zollamt (customs office) and in TaunusTurm. Susanne Gänsheimer’s arrival as Director stands for a change in the positioning of the Museum. She is putting its collection more in the forefront again, and in parallel staging artists’ exhibitions. The corporate design is intended to reflect the new brand core.


Triangular design

As a flexible graphic element the triangle signifies the MMK’s five areas of activity. In a superimposed form it quotes impressions from the collection and reflects motifs from the poster for artists’ exhibitions. In the kids’ and youngster’s program it is used playfully as a colored area, whereas for the Zollamt two triangles emerge to the left and right of a diagonal banderole. For the MMK Talks they face each other, thus forming a rectangular design basis.



Design and art hand in hand

In the rooms inside MMK hauser lacour made use of an info-system on the walls of the various collection areas that features large typography. In places it is superimposed with individual exhibits, which is unusual in exhibition design. This way, for the first time in the museum’s history, communication design and art are closely linked. 


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