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Case Study

Discovering music

The Kölner Philharmonie is known for the diversity of its program, which ranges from classical and jazz to pop music. With a new image designed by hauser lacour, the institution, which has a long-standing tradition, intends to position itself as a multi-cultural venue open to everyone.

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Usable by all

The Kölner Philharmonie stages 350 events per year for its audience. In order to cover the different communications functions, the new corporate design had to be readily comprehensible, and be able to be put to flexible use in all media, from stationery, event programs and posters, to web design. Philharmonie service providers themselves should then be able to undertake the implementation.


Strengthening the brand message

The auditorium with its sophisticated acoustics is modeled on an amphitheater. In an abstract way it is anchored in the figurative mark, which remains in the new corporate design, as it is familiar and easily recognizable. hauser lacour gave the word mark a makeover with the Neutral font, combined old with new in the revamped logo, and thereby strengthened the brand message.

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Flexible elements 

In order to make it easier for the Philharmonie to deal with the imagery available to it for the design of its communications media, the logo can be positioned both vertically and horizontally in the layout. The tile system also allows the use of several low-resolution images – as it does that of various font sizes. The resulting liveliness in the media is intended to have a playful effect and appeal to a wider audience.  

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