Case Study

Confident and Conversational.

The Hager Group is one of Germany’s largest family-owned, mid-size companies. Hager has been a market leader in the field of electrical installation equipment for more than 50 years. Headquartered in the German state of Saarland and France’s Alsace region, the company is growing rapidly in a very dynamic market, and is currently acquiring additional companies, adding more services and expanding into new areas such as smart home technology.


From the basement to the living room.
Ready for new target groups.

By relaunching its brand, Hager sent a clear signal that it is ready to face the challenges of what is one of the world’s fastest-growing new markets. When it comes to residential electrical installations, Hager has been the market leader for more than 50 years, so the company is already “at home” in a field others are clamoring to enter with all the (digital) power they can muster. Increasingly, communication is being addressed to consumers – although B-2-B communication still plays a predominant role.




Growing together.
Visibly united.

The objective was to provide a consistent corporate design for the three main brands, the Hager Group as an employment brand, and additional subsidiaries and acquisitions – while allowing the respective brands to retain their traditional identities. We therefore developed a flexible system that leaves gives the individual brands plenty of room but at the same time clearly communicates their affiliation with one another.


Corporate Design

System instead of domination.

A distinctive, independent layout system promotes the homogenous interplay of the brands. The layout system gives a consistent appearance to all of the Group’s diverse brands and uses the respective brand colors in a new and exciting way. Whenever possible, the logos appear in white, reversed against an image or a colored field. The distinctive Hager blue comes into active play as a dominant color, while the other brands in the “family” are given the opportunity to keep their own colors and logos.



Simple. Smart. Authentic. 

An active, communicative photography style reflects the Group’s strong personality. This image style is used consistently across all of the individual companies. Diverse subject matter in the pictures enhances differentiation and enables the respective brands to address their own markets and themes.



A masterly rollout.
Digital and conventional.

The new corporate design was given its first visual manifestation at the Light & Building trade fair in 2015. The trade fair exhibit, the revamped Hager website, an initial collection of new brochures and accompanying collateral materials for internal and external use represented major milestones during the implementation phase. Manuals were finalized in the following months and the redesigned brand was subsequently implemented worldwide.