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Regionalpark Open

Alternative Mobility for the Rhine-Main Region

Case Study 

Sustainable connections

The social engagement program of Fraport AG encompasses support of the Rhine-Main Regional Park, which is the largest project of its kind since 1997. The regional park is a local recreation area that conserves landscapes within the Rhine-Main metropolitan area, connecting them by means of a wide-ranging network of “regional park routes” with a total length of more than 1200 kilometers. hauser lacour was commissioned by Fraport to develop a long-range communication strategy to increase awareness of the Rhine-Main Regional Park among the area’s populace.


A festival for alternative mobility

The agency conceived the Fraport Regional Park Open, a festival that combines Fraport’s competence in the field of electromobility with its engagement for the regional park. The two-day festival includes a symposium and a day-long event featuring competitions and activities involving vehicles with alternative drives. It will be held annually at different locations throughout the regional park.

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Mobility 2100 – A Vision for the Rhine-Main Region

Fraport is operating an ambitious electromobility program at Frankfurt Airport. At the same time, the complex and traffic and transport infrastructure of the Rhine-Main metropolitan region makes it imperative to promote alternative drive concepts. 
The symposium in connection with the Fraport Regional Park Open elucidated the various aspects of the topic in two thematic areas, “Mobility 2010 – A Vision for the Rhine-Main Region” and “Local Mobility: The New Benefits of Nearness.”

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