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Deutsche Börse 

Photography Foundation

Case Study 


The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is a non-profit, limited liability company that collects, exhibits and supports photographic work. Its Deutsche Börse Art Collection is an impressive accumulation of contemporary photographs comprising more than 1600 pieces by some 100 international artists.

hauser lacour developed a flexible corporate identity that derived from the design of the Deutsche Börse Group while also presenting an autonomous and self-assured identity across a wide variety of media.


Project Assets


Flexible layout 

A central component of the corporate design involves placing the focus on the works themselves and allowing them to speak for themselves. They are used uncropped in all media and displayed as large as possible. Text modules (areas reserved for body copy) respond to the artworks in accordance with a flexible system. This creates a great deal of white space that helps viewers concentrate on the photographs.

The corporate design works in media of all kinds. In addition to conventional print media, a fully responsive web presence is the primary communication medium.

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The initials of the foundation’s name serve as an unmistakable key visual used in diverse formats in all media. Along with the logo, the four letters form an eye-catching yet restrained frame for the photography itself.

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Vibrant gallery

The website of the Photography Foundation is the primary communication medium for the repositioning of the brand. The foundation’s new appearance is obvious on the home page, where the key visual and a prominent navigation menu featuring the main areas of activity – collect, exhibit, support – give the brand the prominence it deserves.

Adaptive modules for pictures and body copy respond to the works themselves, making the website a vibrant gallery in its own right. An index of artists and exhibits enables visitors to the website to explore the entire collection.

The responsive design, with its focus on usability and fast loading times, means visitors to the website can take full advantage of its many features and outstanding design regardless of what type of device they are using.

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