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De Gruyter


Forward-looking tradition

De Gruyter can look back on a long-standing tradition as an academic publishing firm. For medics and lawyers, for example, Pschyrembel’s Medizinisches Wörterbuch (medical dictionary) and Staudinger’s BGB (German civil code) have been indispensable standard works for decades. The Berlin company needed to be more clearly associated with its imprints, which hauser lacour achieved with a new corporate design.

brand positioning

Keeping the brand core

The new De Gruyter corporate design sends out a clear signal: We’re keeping our brand core. But at the same time are going down new roads. A trend-setting corporate design combines the tradition and renown of a major academic publisher with the emotionality and catchy nature of contemporary brand communication.

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brand architecture

Association with the umbrella brand

A completely remade brand architecture prevents the umbrella brand and the imprints from drifting apart. The relationship is clearly defined: The publisher’s name De Gruyter always has a prominent position, with the name of the imprint in a subordinate place. Wring conclusions are no longer possible.

Brand Identity

Corporate design rules

Making “rules” for typography, color schemes, image style and layout concept for all the corporate design’s uses ensures the publisher’s identity is given a strong visual thrust.


Intelligent emotionalization

The development and use of high-end imagery enables the publisher to make careful use of emotionalization, and as such optimizes the corporate design and all the brand communications.

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Modular layout concept

The layout concept supports a wide spectrum of designs. Alongside the logo and typography it is also one of the three main elements of a uniform brand presence, which effectively bolsters the De Gruyter brand identity. The concept is based on requirements derived from the different types of print products and is characterized by a decidedly its pragmatic approach. Each product type has its own layout concept. The logo, text space and advertising text space are always in the same position.

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