Case Study 

One integrated system.
A single language.

COBI links bicycles to smartphones – and revolutionizes the experience of cycling. The internationally acclaimed system equips bicycles and modern e-bikes with intelligent assistance features. The result is more safety, more convenience and more fun on bike paths and bike trips of all kinds. 
hauser lacour developed the name and brand identity as well as an independent visual vocabulary with the power to communicate the innovative idea at the core of the product: COBI. Connected Biking.

Projekt Assets


Connected Biking

The central thrust of this new start-up company, namely “connected biking,” is conveyed through the COBI name and logo, which features a distinctive CO ligature. Two interlocking circles convey the idea of “connectivity” on the one hand and allude to turning wheels at the same time.
 When used in combination with the logo, the forward-thinking tagline “ride ahead” serves as a visual bracket for diverse content.


Design elements

Corporate and product design merge

A dynamic, vibrant concept using surfaces and colors merges the basic branding elements (logo, typography and imagery) into a differentiating brand identity that is used consistently in a wide variety of media. The same stylish design vocabulary is also used for product and interface design.



Interactive and in step with the times

If goes without saying that a company that aims to be a pioneer in terms of digital technology and mobility needs to set new standards in terms of design, too. Indeed, an optimal user experience across all digital touchpoints is more than a brand promise, it is an essential component of the product itself. 



Corporate design elements

Even start-ups print letterhead. Or send a handwritten greeting card from the future. Here too, the design process has been executed with a loving eye for detail. Digital demands mesh with conventional corporate design media.


Picture language

Tone of Voice

The COBI photography style features an elegant, contemporary and active look. Picture motifs are dynamic and photographed using a large aperture, so the focus is always on the product. Desaturated images with a blue-gray tint give COBI an unmistakable appearance.


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