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For everyone who wants to know

Campus Verlag is a successful independent publishing house operating in the market segments business and society and with the goal of advancing society and the individual. The communication concept that hauser lacour was commissioned to create for the Frankfurt-based publisher was to be consistently tailored to its readers.

Project Assets


Adapt self-image
to the target group

With books on the topics career, business, personal lifestyle and finances, Campus Verlag describes social changes and renders a contribution to various debates. A target-group analysis of the publisher showed that readers have changed over the years, while in terms of visual perception the publishing house and its products have not. The new communication concept is intended to resolve this discrepancy and sharpen the contours of the brand.

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Uncompromising focus
on the reader

The focus is on the reader. People from an established social class who want to advance. For the publisher’s campaign they are depicted in their living environment and pose questions such as: “When does thrifty stop being nifty?” or “Can I train success?” The answers are given in the books shown to these people in the preview, for instance. The text-image concept creates a stronger connection between readers and products and therefore with the brand.

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Key Visual

Graphic thought bubble

A concise graphic element of the campaign is the thought bubble, in which readers formulate their questions. It has the shape of an open book viewed from below from an angle. The seven-degree angle resulting from this perspective is also used in all other design areas and, with its ascending form, stands for the upwards aspirations of the target group.

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Responsive Website

Editorial welcome

The website receives the visitor with editorial content that has a modular structure. It depicts the book authors with a clear statement that, on a colored background, is assigned to a particular segment of the publisher’s portfolio.

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The user can access the presentation of the books via the quotations and reach the online shop using the navigation. The website layout is responsive and as such optimally attuned to all end devices of the mobile target group.

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Corporate Manuals

Ambassadors of their own cause

Three manuals designed by hauser lacour provide comprehensive information on the target group, campaign and corporate design of Campus Verlag. It aims to enable readers, staff, booksellers and authors to get to know and understand the publisher better and make them its brand ambassadors.

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