Case Study 

Effective, natural cosmetics
Made in the Black Forest

As a leading German manufacturer of natural cosmetics, ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND has played a pioneering role for decades. The family-run business from the Black Forest is known for innovative products that have been proven to be effective, coupled with authenticity, environmental practices and social responsibility. 

In addition to corporate design, image media and the website, Hauser Lacour has been responsible for modernizing the company’s entire range of products and successively relaunching the product packaging while also strengthening the brand experience at the point of sale.



Tradition converges with innovation

The relaunch campaign helped the brand in its effort to conquer new distribution channels while maintaining its traditional strengths. The visual identity was modernized to place a consistent focus on core statements such as “Innovative research” and “Effective natural cosmetics” without forfeiting any of the brand’s traditional stability and reliability.

hauserlacour boerlind 21



Staging the product as an experience in its own right

The obverse of the packaging of the system of care products was given a gentle makeover to ensure recognizability and brand consistency, while add-on products were designed as genuine “must-haves” with a more eye-catching appearance. The product image of the entire range was improved considerably. Special details such as a seal of quality and ingredient icons succeeded in establishing a new level of product experience that matches the brand strategy. 

hauserlacour boerlind 19

Point of sale and advertising

The product itself is a hero

Advertisements and POS media consistently communicate “Effective, natural cosmetics” as the core value of the brand. The image style puts the focus on the products and their innovative ingredients, thereby emphasizing not only the quality of specific details but also setting the brand apart from its competitors. 

hauserlacour boerlind 16

Online shop 

Digital product and brand experience

The ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND website merges the brand image with an online shop. The website’s clear layout and updated content features underscore the new focus on the brand as an “Innovative researcher.” At the same time, the uncomplicated information architecture and clear design ensure an easily accessible, cross-platform e-commerce experience for the target group.

hauserlacour boerlind 18

Image film 

Innovative researcher

The relaunch also included an image film that presents the new brand’s new focus as an “Innovative researcher” in an emotionally appealing way. 

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Annemarie Börlind