Case Study


hauser lacour developed a suitable brand name and on-target corporate identity for the market launch of a new washroom hygiene brand. Effective communication is ensured, thanks to a standardized corporate design covering everything from a modular layout and headline system to a distinctive corporate imagery and illustration style. The visual identity conveys the brand promise in a self-assured and unmistakable way: EASY. EFFICIENT. AND GO. 

Project Assets

hauser lacour and go 02


Flexible communication

In addition to the original brand name, a modular headline style is a central element of the new corporate identity. A variable system of three-line headlines combines communicative messages with the brand name, enabling context-relevant communication that leverages the brand promise.

hauser lacour and go headlines

Corporate Design

Visual system

The architecture of the product portfolio and the visual design vocabulary also underscore the brand promise. The focus is on clarity and an easy-to-understand structure that presents product classifications and variations as simply and distinctively as possible.

Large, high-contrast type combined with cutout photographs showing the products isolated against a yellow background, together with a distinctive illustration style for assembly instructions and graphics, create a powerful visual identity that clearly sets the new brand apart from its competitors.

hauserlacour andgo 3



Because AND GO. is primarily marketed in the B2B sector and the products are intended to remain relatively inconspicuous in the washrooms where they are used, product packaging is an important touchpoint for the target group. hauser lacour developed a simple and inexpensive way of branding secondary packaging distinctively – a sticker affixed over the outside edge of the white carton clearly identifies the brand while conveying all the relevant information to the user.

hauser lacourr and go packaging


Outstanding corporate design

Since the original brand launch in Austria, AND GO. has been successfully introduced in additional European markets. The project has won three renowned awards – the Red Dot Award, the IF Design Award and the Corporate Design Prize – and was also nominated for a German Design Award, making it one of the most acclaimed projects Hauser Lacour has created in the past several years.

hauser lacourr and go illustration

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