hauserlacour interactive design

Interactive Design



We develop innovative digital experiences, which delight your clients and retain them in the long term.

We design and develop
digital brand experiences

How does the target group use digital media? What are its favorite websites, services, platforms? Which codes has it learned, how innovative can our digital communication be?

Together with you we develop a strategy that is inspirational and steers our design process. This way we find out how we can make digital communication and interaction beneficial to new or extended value added.

As a result of our integrated, holistic approach our digital solutions are networked across disciplines in terms of both content and function: from brand strategy and corporate design to 3D design in brand space.


  1. Analysis of target group use of interactive media, and customer touchpoints
  2. Solutions for CMS, navigation, functionality and user experience
  3. Solutions for CRM, tracking and data protection
  1. Synchronous process development of print and electronic media
Demonstration of innovative potential for value added and client retention
  3. Brand-specific analysis of trends in IT and interactive media