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Corporate Design

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We develop the visual identity for your brand.

Visual branding
with strength and perfection

Is the briefing complete and are the communicative goals defined? What central visual themes, what visual communicative routes can be developed from them? Photo, video, or graphics – what medium transports the brand’s spirit? How can the new corporate design be implemented as efficiently as possible?

Based on the brand strategy and design briefing we develop a distinctive and characteristic appearance, which assures you of recognition and positive perception. The approach we adopt is structured and comprehensible – from the inspired conception of various design routes to the effective implementation of the final corporate design in your company.


  1. Visual conception in line with the briefing/brand strategy, central visual theme 
  2. Basic elements (word/figurative mark, typography, color system)
  3. Cross-media area and layout concept, media system
  1. Imagery (photo/video), image pool
Graphic visualizations, graphic /icon language
  3. Brand booklet, style guide, brand/CD manualal